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Chasing Lions, San Francisco

Chasing Lions Café, owned and founded by Keba Konte is located at the new City College of San Francisco Multiuse Building located on Phelan Avenue. The Chasing Lions Café serves artisan roasted coffee, specialty drinks and serves fresh handmade soup, salads and sandwiches for the campus community in a diverse, creative and inspiring environment. The Multi-Use Building at CCSF has stringent “green” standards, and the use of reclaimed materials is mandatory. Aside from a top of the line, customized La Marzocco espresso machine and a few energy-efficient appliances, everything at the café is reclaimed.

Over a year ago, Keba Konte was attending bookkeeping classes at the SBDC when he heard Gabriela Sapp talking about the help that SBDC provided to entrepreneurs on access to capital. Keba immediately signed up to receive free counseling. He had just won a bid to operate a Café out of CCSF main campus, competing against other businesses, including several coffee houses based in the Financial District. Keba was looking for capital to fund his new business venture. He also needed to formalize his business plan and financials to identify the total project cost.

Keba was referred to Merril Gilbert, lead restaurant consultant to review his business model (concept, build-out, staffing, and menu options). Charles Spencer and Tom Camerato were brought in to help with the business and financial plan completion as required by lenders. Charles helped him to put all the pieces together in the narrative of the business plan as well as the implementation strategy. Tom helped him to build a 5 year financial model to generate a worst case scenario and determine the capital needed as well as the breakeven point in terms of sales and customers. Once the business and financial projections were completed, Keba was referred to Gabriela Sapp, to work on sources of funding and loan application.

Keba Konte/Chasing Lions Café was able to raise $75k through a business loan and 30K with private investors. With this funding and his own injection of capital, Keba recently opened his Café at CCSF as well as hired 14 employees.

Keba expressed his gratitude by writing an e-mail saying: “Gabriela, thanks for all of your assistance. You and the entire SBDC team have been super helpful and instrumental to the success of this loan. Thank you!”

Company Name: Chasing Lions Cafe
Business Owner(s): Keba Konte
50 Phelan Ave. M.U.B. Rm 198 SF CA 94112
Telephone Number: (510) 517-5582