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Way Latino, San Francisco

Way Latino provides an online community space for Spanish language speakers and those who are interested in food, events and nightlife in the Latino community. Way Latino also helps small business owners who serve the Latino community access consumers seeking products and services offered in the Latino community. Way Latino also provides consumer information and marketing services for Latino grocers, restaurants and event promoters.

From the inception Juan Bolanos felt his idea had merit, but was not sure how to design a workflow to better understand his cost and revenue. Although there was a working model of the website, there was no general branding, navigation or monetization strategy.

Last April, Juan Bolanos was able to successfully launch his online business and hired a couple of Sales representatives to help him with business development.

“Thanks to SBDC, people like me can receive the right professional guidance to start a business. I have received business training in Spanish and business counseling that helped me clarify my business idea and implement powerful marketing strategies. I want to especially thank Gabriela Sapp and Charles Spencer for providing me with their knowledge and experience so my dream of starting my own business became true. Now, I am signing up client # 17 and I am thrilled about that!” -Juan Bolaños

Company Name: Way Latino
Business Owner(s): Juan Bolanos
49 Santa Cruz Avenue., San Francisco, California  94112-3936
Telephone Number: (415) 990-1530