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One Planet Granola, San Francisco

One Planet is dedicated to nourishing families all over the planet with delicious and organic foods, made from all the highest quality ingredients. Family company, Rana, Sandra and Issa Madanat, launched One Planet from their small town café in Ross, California in 2010. The company believes their granola and sustainable practices, reflects the deep belief that living consciously is the essence of our own wellbeing and the planet.

One Planet organic and gluten free granola is currently selling at Whole Foods, Raleys, Nob Hill Foods and other independent groceries; through established distributors, such as Renaissance Specialty Foods, The Good Stuff Distributor, Nature’s Best and DPI Specialty Foods; and direct to corporate offices, vending machines and e-commerce avenues with amazon and

One Planet organic and gluten free granola was experiencing fast growth and realized a need for investment capital to fully benefit in lowering product costs, as well as expanding in well established distribution channels. With limited resources as well as the family running their small cafe during the day it was difficult to maintain a growing business.


  • Planning: An overall evaluation of company goals, lowering cost of goods, raise sales and investment for growth.  
  • Financial: Bank loans, equity investment and business loan packages. Investment pitches were fine tuned for presentations.
  • Sales Focus: Sales, marketing and business development focused on local northern California territory, as well as expansion of sales team.


  • Revenues: Revenues are up more than 50% during the first year and were able to lower cost of goods by 20%.
  • Head Count: Employees started with 2 in 2010 and expanded to a team of eight in 2013.
  • Investment: One Planet was able to secure a private investor to expand in inventory, commercial packaging machinery and packaging.

“One Planet Foods has benefited tremendously from working with Anni Minuzzo. She has guided us from vision to profitable company. Her experience with a wide variety, including herself, specialty food owners helped direct our company growth, which lead us to the success and awareness we have now. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.” 

One Planet Foods LLC
Owner(s): Rana Madanat, Sandra Madanat and Issa Madanat
San Francisco, CA