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Thalia's Jewelry, San Francisco

Araceli and Fernando started their jewelry business in 1995 and named it Thalia’s Jewelry in honor of their first daughter. Fernando learned the jewelry trade at the early age of eight in Acapulco, Mexico from his family and is now the third generation to continue the tradition. For decades, local patrons have been visiting their store to repair family heirlooms or memorialize special life events with jewelry for graduations, quinceañeras, weddings or special gifts.  Like other’s affected, the fire disrupted their entire lives and left the business owners with only what they could salvage.  Now, months after the incident, Araceli and Fernando are working hard to rebuild what they lost, but are grateful for the opportunity to continue being a part of the Mission District, serving the local community, and doing what they love.

Thalia’s Jewelry is on their way to recovery after the devastating Mission Fire on January 28th, which displaced more than 30 businesses and left 54 residents without homes. After 20 years in operation, Araceli and Fernando’s small business and livelihood were gone in what seemed like a blink of an eye. The weeks following the disaster and the path to restoration was not easy; the pair was met with constant disappointment, rejection, and numerous obstacles, as they struggled to reestablish their business.  Finally, after several months of looking, Thalia’s Jewelry was able to secure a new location at 2859A Mission Street in San Francisco, California, and now rejoice at the thought of celebrating their grand opening and beginning anew.

SFSBDC helped Thalia’s Jewelry with several aspects of reestablishing her business. First, SBDC was on site to support small businesses dealing with their losses the morning after the fire. They helped the business owners assess their immediate needs, access City resources, and collectively submit for an SBA Disaster Loan. Second, Thalia’s jewelry met with Gabriela Sapp to discuss a new lease, navigate the licenses and permits process, and assess financing needs. Finally, the SBDC assisted with the grand opening of the new location; including, helping the business develop marketing material, launch a new website, and raise funds for the grand opening.  

Helped the business reestablish their business after being dislocated for several months, which in turn helped save two jobs and the business owner’s livelihood.

“I have felt a lot of support from Angel and Gabriela from the Small Business Development Center. They helped me securing a sponsorship from US Bank, and all marketing and promotion efforts to reopen my business with a new fresh start!”

Thalia's Jewerly
Owner: Araceli Espinoza
San Francisco, CA