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Wang Wah Restaurant, San Francisco

“Restaurant enjoys growth after unexpected damages”

Wang Wah is a Chinese restaurant focusing on gourmet Cantonese style cuisine. Opening in 1987, the Xu family has served the community out of the same location for the past 27 years. As a local, family operated hotspot, Wang Wah has been able to build a loyal following of customers, serving some for over 20 years. 

In the early morning of August 6, 2012, a fire broken out in one of Wang Wah’s neighboring businesses. Collectively nine businesses were damaged including Wang Wah. As a result of the damages to the buildings, all merchants impacted were forced to close their business until the buildings restorations could be made.

SBDC Advisor Lawrence Liu, was one of the members of the Ocean Avenue Recover Outreach Team who helped Wang Wah right after the fire. He was able to help the Xu’s complete the “Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet for Business” immediately following the incident, and assisted them in applying for the SBA Disaster Loan.

In part to Mr. Liu’s assistance, Wang Wah was able to receive a help from the Fire Recovery Fund from the City, and was granted a SBA Disaster Loan on July 2, 2013.

The restaurant re-opened on November 23, 2013, at which point Mr. and Mrs. Xu were able to re-hire all of their former employees, including themselves.

“We would like to thank [the SFSBDC] for their assistance along our recovery process. Not only do they care about our business, they were also very concerned about our mental and physical health issues during our hard time.”

Wang Wah Restaurant
CEO: Mr and Mrs. Bing Xi Xu
San Franciso, CA